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Against Travel / Anti-Voyage

Against Travel/Anti-Voyage2020 Pamenar Press, 36 pgs. 5.75x7.5” (14.8x19cm), perfect bound.

AVAILABLE NOW from Pamenar Press, Against Travel / Anti-Voyage,  with translations by Pascal Poyet—released by the multilingual multilocational Pamenar Press, a project of Ghazal Mosedeq.

A Release reading is coming up! September 28! 2 pm eastern time, registration here.

Covid cut short the April 2020 book release party of Against Travel/Anti-Voyages

Available in it’s perfect-bound edition from Pamenar Press ︎︎︎

Or in a special hand-sewn edition by Taraneh Mosedeq ︎︎︎


 Matters of Feminist Practice

Matters of Feminist Practice, Poupeh Missaghi and Karla Kelsey (eds.), 2020 Belladonna* Collaborative
A LONG ESSAY on the history of  Belladonna* and its roots in my 1980s radical lesbian feminism.

Here’s the first paragraph:

“In my mid-30s when I started the Belladonna* Reading Series at Bluestockings Feminist Bookstore, I was an emerging poet, but a radical feminist since my early 20s. The feminism that I am calling radical was one that was taught at SUNY Albany in 1983-1984, by a student run collective that designed a course called “Introduction to Feminism.” It also ended up being my introduction to Lesbianism. In the current atmosphere of suspicion of radical feminism and feminists of the second wave, a wave that features a hefty dominance of middle-class white women who benefit and benefitted disproportionately from the activism and thinking of Black and Brown feminists and womanists, I want to say a few words about why and how I continue to claim my lineage as radical feminist. I want to say why I still think the designation of those two words continues to be useful and usable, and how those ideas are evidenced in the longevity and the ongoing intersectionality and anti-hierarchy of the Belladonna* project.”

Available at ︎︎︎

Or download a PDF of the Rachel’s essay on Belladonna* ︎︎︎